What the judges said...

Please find below what both judges remarked about our performance at the finals:

Glyn Williams:

Stylish Baritone and Cornets support well. Good Bass and the music flows well from A. Super Euph and all is under control. Great solo lines from D. F has so much energy and drive. Great use of dynamics. Again I hear so much detail. ff tastefully done. Note quite secure into M. Super Horn and Basses – this builds well to N. The music flows and I hear good balance Cornets. Great control into 169. A tempo is tastefully done and I hear good dynamics in Horns. Q – some tuning issues but the accel is well handled. Well done Euph. A tempo works well. T taken time to settle. 242 – super noise well led by Euph. Y – flows well and Cornet/Euph shape the music. ff not overdone. Z – Excellent detail and fugue is well handled. BB Euph leads with majesty, super + solid close.

A performance that had everything. Such a joy to listen to. Bravo soloists – especially Euph.

John Doyle:

Great Bari to open – love the vib – Cornets almost together. Great transition into A. Great Euph and this is moving so well. Subtle cresc into B – Well done Sop and Horn. Glock is classy. Great detail at C. Noise super at 40. – Love the vib Horn. Basses sound super. Good soloists into E. – balance and control is super. F – Yes Percussion – so tight – accents and control here – wow. The music really comes to life. H – Well done Flug – Euph is also a star. 100 – controlled again. Good attempt at p sost too. K is so good band, and clear. 141 just listen to tuning a little fragile but horn rescues it – well. Basses are brill – I love this – noise and balance superb. N I just want tosit back and listen.... Andante- is delicate with simply beautiful Euph. 170 – so stylish – yes Tuba and Cornet. Rep and Euph are lovely also. I am really enjoying this band. Not quite spot on in 182/183 but again recovers well. Sop, listen to lower notes and get in tune. Lovely accel though. Good balance at R – Horns are superb. 211 – Super basses. T takes time to settle but eventually, what a noise at 242. Go backrow at 200. X – This has flow and Glock is superb and tuning band as you get tired is very good. Subtle ff at 293 and balance again is great. Z – hello Troms – great noise. So nearly cornets at AA. BB well controlled and tuning holds well as you get tired. 357 is super. Maestoso – Superb.

Overall – What an excellent performance – so well controlled and directed. I love the balance, tuning, soloists and style and poise. Just the odd bit of ensemble, but I loved this. Euph was superb. Thank you for putting a big smile on my face.

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